Spokane Homeownership

Our HomeStarts program offers new construction homeownership opportunities with affordable monthly payments to qualified buyers in the Spokane area. When coupled with a first mortgage our program provides 100% financing with down payment assistance, and low monthly mortgage payments.

Qualified Buyers*

FY '18 Income Limits Summary
Spokane County, WA
  Family Size 1 person 2 people 3 people 4 people 5 people 6 people 7 people 8 people  
  Max Income
Per Year
$36,550 $41,750 $46,950 $52,150 $56,350 $60,500 $64,700 $68,850  
Note: Typically, the income range best suited for our program is between $30,000 and the income limits above, depending upon other debt and pricing of currently available homes.

    *Please contact Olivia Alley via email at OliviaA@communityframeworks.org or at (509) 484-6733 ext. 1205 to discuss qualification requirements.

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