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Community Frameworks' Self-Help Homeownership Opportunity Program (SHOP) provides zero-interest, forgivable loans to nonprofit organizations and public agencies sponsoring sweat equity homeownership programs in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana. SHOP loan funds, at up to $15,000 per lot, may be used for land acquisition or infrastructure development to create affordable housing. SHOP funds may be revolved back to the affiliate organization upon sale of each housing unit to support future sweat equity projects or may be redirected to clients as subordinate mortgages.

Community Frameworks received its first SHOP award from HUD in 1996. Our current network of 35 SHOP Affiliates generate more than 35 project applications each year, helping to fund an average of 265 sweat equity homes annually. Sweat equity, or self-help housing, involves homebuyer and volunteer labor on a variety of tasks in the construction or renovation of homes, reducing costs and providing a means by which low-income households can become successful homeowners.

Among Community Frameworks' SHOP Affiliates are USDA-RD Mutual Self-Help grantees, Public Housing Authorities, Community Land Trusts, and other nonprofit organizations offering a diversity of sweat equity program models for acquisition-rehab and new construction. Affiliates are eligible to receive consulting services from Community Frameworks to address a wide range of organizational capacity needs related to program planning and project development. In addition, we offer workshops and online resources to help Affiliates meet program and SHOP objectives.

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